Physical Frailty

Supporting the growth of new muscle

Most of us, as we get older, want to maintain a healthy body and mind. In addition to exercise and a balanced diet, people are looking for ways to enhance their ability to stay active. Sarcopenia is a geriatric syndrome defined as the loss of muscle mass, strength and function. It has a high clinical impact as well as affecting a patient’s quality of life due to a decline in mobility and independence. We have carried out in-depth research into muscle loss and the process of protein formation, which is proving to be important in the area of muscle health and mobility.

Our muscles renew, or regenerate, at a rate of 2% per day.

Over the course of three months, all the muscles in our arms are renewed. To stay fit, it is important that the body retains the ability to create new muscle to replace the old. Dietary proteins are known to support the growth of muscle cells. Our research therefore concentrates on how advanced nutrition can have a positive effect on the rate at which new muscle cells are created.