At Danone Nutricia Research, we have brought together a incredible range of people, who share a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience. It is this diverse mix of people that has enabled us to build a strong culture and strive for new innovations, pioneering high-quality nutritional solutions for our customers. Meet our team!


Product Technologist

"Our team is often referred to by colleagues as "The Firefighters", as we work hard to secure nutritional and sensorial quality and compliance within challenging timelines."


Health Safety Environment Manager

"I am proud that my work ensures there is a healthy and safe work environment for my colleagues; the most precious good of our company."


Sr. Team Leader Fermentation

"Every day I am inspired by Danone Nutricia Research. We strive for the highest quality and latest innovations in our early life nutrition solutions, which satisfy the needs of our small customers."


Sr. Scientist Gut Microbiota

"Every baby deserves to have an optimal microbiome at birth to ensure the best start in life. I am proud to be able to make a contribution to this through my scientific commitment."


Product Technologist

"I was inspired to work for Danone Nutricia Research because of their commitment to the people. We are not just numbers on a spreadsheet."


Team Leader Product Development

"The great thing about my work is that instead of waiting around for things to happen, we are proactive and work together to find innovative nutritional solutions for babies".


Digital Program Manager

"Knowing that we can bring better health to parents and babies around the world through credible scientific evidence is what motivates and inspires me to contribute to our innovations."


Team Lead/Scientist Quality Food Safety

"For me, our key asset at Danone Nutricia Research is definitely diversity. Multiple cultures and different backgrounds are opportunities for fresh perspectives and better ideas."


Project Leader Future Concepts

"I am proud to be a part of this company and feel that we really have the capability to make a difference, whether it’s an initiative like the alimentation revolution or by supporting breastfeeding."


Sr. Scientist Metabolics

"I am proud of making a difference in the lives of patients with metabolic disorders by using my nutritional expertise in an environment committed to the health of people and the planet."


Preclinical Research Coordinator

"I like to connect and work with researchers from both inside and outside of the organisation. Knowledge is key!"


Research Program Leader Stroke & Dysphagia

"It is very inspiring that I am able to use my knowledge and experience to contribute to nutritional solutions and services for vulnerable patients."


Sr. Assistant Scientist Immunology

"I love to do research in immune development to understand the effects of our nutritional components on the immune system, in order to support immune fitness in vulnerable people."


Team leader & Sr. Product Technologist

"The freedom of being curious and come up with new ideas every day makes the input of everyone in my team unique, and it is the engine for our enthusiasm of working together."


Sr. Science Project Leader Gut Health

"What makes me proud is our strong focus on the quality and safety of our solutions for early life nutrition, which enables us to make the best impact possible on short- and long-term health."


Sr Product Technologist

"Working with the aim of improving the lives of babies is highly rewarding."


Sr Process Technologist

"A people oriented company that gives you the power and freedom to innovate."


Sr. Nutrition Scientist

"Our goal in Metabolic science is to generate insights which in turn, help people live their own lives."


Director Assistant

"I have a passion for food and good health, and it’s great that I work in a company with the same values. Together we can make the world a better place!"


Product Technologist

"By continually looking into new solutions to drive innovation and embracing challenges on a daily basis, I go home each day a new version of myself, always with a bit more strength and pride."


Research Program Leader

"At Danone Nutricia Research, we have been studying the area of muscle and sarcopenia research with academic partners for about 10 years. Our aim is to develop viable medical nutrition strategies for physically frail older people by addressing their altered nutritional needs and the changes in muscle metabolism that occur with ageing."