How We Work / Clinical Research

Our current clinical research investigations

We are currently conducting a large number of clinical studies in order to develop greater insight into a number of important health areas. Our clinical studies are conducted across a broad geographical area.

In 2020 we had more than 91 active clinical studies across the globe, involving over 25 countries.

These include investigations into optimal nutritional support for infants and young children, mothers-to-be, the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases. For some groups, optimal nutritional support has a key role in enhancing recovery or improving quality of life, e.g. in stroke and cancer patients, those with allergy or gastro-intestinal problems, as well as patients with disease-related malnutrition. For others, optimal nutritional support is essential to survival, for example those suffering from inborn errors of metabolism, patients within a critical care setting as well and those with neuro-disabilities.