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The Danone International Prize for Alimentation

Presented every two years by the Danone Institute International and the French Foundation pour la Recherche Medicale (FRM), the Danone International Prize for Alimentation (DIPA) is to reward mid-career scientists for their pioneering research. The prize, worth €100,000, is given to those who are contributing to major scientific advances in the field of ‘Alimentation’ – a term that encompasses all practices relating to food. The broader aim of the prize is to support and inspire innovative, multidisciplinary research that ultimately leads to improved global health through the promotion of sustainable healthy eating habits.

Strategies need to take on board the fact that food does far more than merely fulfil a biological need; it also forms the basis of our identity and social interaction.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

There are numerous factors that influence the food choices and eating habits of the global population, including economic, social, psychological and cultural. Unravelling and understanding these choices requires collaboration across nutrition science and many other disciplines.

The DIPA aims to:

• advance understanding of Alimentation through cutting-edge research
• encourage and inspire pioneering approaches that integrate nutrition research into lifestyle, cultural and socio- economic aspects
• boost collaboration between the different disciplines affecting nutrition, from anthropology to economics
• support talented and highly motivated mid-career researchers whose work contributes to scientific excellence in the field of Alimentation.

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