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Disease-related malnutrition: causes and solutions

How the disease or condition affects the body can dictate which nutritional solution is most appropriate.

Disease-related malnutrition can arise for a number of reasons. The main causes include, amongst others, the inability to eat as a result of a medical condition, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and inability to process food, food intolerance, poor digestion, impaired absorption and altered metabolism.

At Danone Nutricia Research we optimise the nutritional value of our medical nutrition products and tailor the compositions based on the nutritional needs of patients. Besides improvements in nutritional value, we are continually engaged in research to maximise compliance to medical nutrition interventions by optimising flavour and texture as well as compacting (medical nutrition with same nutritional values but in a lower volume), and understanding the impact of timing, satiation and integration into the dietary habits and limitations during the different stages of a disease.