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Danone Nutricia Research: innovating in nutrition and metabolism

At Danone Nutricia Research, we collect information on nutritional requirements of specific patient populations in order to learn about their requirements and to inspire novel, innovative medical nutrition solutions. We disseminate our data in scientific literature and create learning programmes to educate healthcare professionals.

We collaborate with many renowned knowledge institutes and commercial partners and even with competitors in bigger public private research collaborations. In addition, we also have a dedicated in-house clinical study facilities in our Nutrition Clinical Research Unit.

Our extensive team of nutritionists and physiologists bring their combined experience together to understand nutritional challenges.

Our extensive team of nutritionists and physiologists bring together their combined experience to understand nutritional challenges and ingredient interactions through in-depth literature evaluation and by studying nutritional needs through clinical, observational and intervention research studies. For this we investigate dietary habits, nutritional intake, nutrient status, biomarkers for malnutrition and we explore metabolic profiles that are altered in the patients.

Alongside these studies, we also work with experimental models to study energy metabolism and nutrient signalling, advanced analytical methods and innovative data analysis tools. This includes computer modelling studies that help to identify nutritional needs and are designed to find solutions to address these needs. The unique modelling and data interpretation capabilities provides us with insights to shape the design of novel nutritional concepts to support specific groups, such as cancer patients, community dwelling older adults and patients suffering from dysphagia in nursing home to help meet their nutritional needs.

Unique modelling and data interpretation provides us leads for the design of novel nutritional concepts