Collaboration to bring transformation of clinical research to life

Digital technology opens the door to new possibilities for the research in early life nutrition.
Collaboration helps to accelerate the ambition to deliver precision nutrition in the first 1,000 days.

Challenge and Opportunity

When most people think of clinical study, they think of pile of papers with data and report, and it is time consuming. Many people are reluctant to participate in clinical study due to inconvenience, and lack of direct benefits for the participant. But imagine the possibility that our smartphone and/or wearables, is our research assistant:

helps to capture real-time data accurately and efficiently, provides insightful feedback and relevant advice, and allows study subjects to participate from the comfort of their homes.

Thanks to digital technology, the clinical research is experiencing a disruption that will increase the accuracy and efficiency for the benefit of consumers, researchers and healthcare systems.

Capitalising Digitalisation

Danone Nutricia Research’s proactive adoption of digitalisation not only pre-empts disruption, it aims at creating more meaningful integrated solutions targeting on the specific needs of consumers and patients. Its Precision Nutrition D-Lab in Singapore will pioneer digital solutions in early life nutrition by harnessing the unique confluence of its ecosystem with multi-disciplinary capabilities in digitalisation.

“Collaboration is key for us to strengthen our research and innovation capabilities in integrated solutions for early life, leveraging the opportunities presented by digital technology,”

said Damien Paineau, Digital Program Director at Precision Nutrition D-Lab, Danone Nutricia Research.

Collaboration brings Synergy

Danone Nutricia Research recently worked with ObvioHealth, a global medical technology company which offers a mobile application that eases the challenges of conducting traditional clinical research by offering both 100% site-less clinical studies. The clinical professionals and medical doctors can monitor the study while study participants use the app on their smart phones or tablets, recording study specific information and allowing for real-time data collection.

The digital solution removes barriers currently troubling the clinical research industry by improving convenience for study subjects, enhancing compliance, lowering drop-out rates and accelerating data capture.

“With the app, we’re able to conduct a study on babies in a more efficient and user-friendly way,” said Damien Paineau.

The app allows integration with connected devices, which will create opportunities to leverage data captured from connected devices for clinical evaluation. It also offers real-time, 24/7 data monitoring, meaning adverse events are detected immediately.


Read here for the news about the collaboration.


About ObvioHealth
ObvioHealth is a full-service CRO that uses technology to drive clinical research in a cost-effective manner. As a medical technology company, ObvioHealth provides healthcare clients a data-rich platform for substantiating claims and demonstrating product safety and efficacy.