Cerebral Palsy Parents Group at Danone Nutricia Research moves forward

For the second time, Danone Nutricia Research brought together the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Parents Group.

By bringing together parents of infants with CP, Danone Nutricia Research wishes to better understand the needs of children with CP and their parents, to take these into account at the early stage in the development of new nutritional concepts and services.

Ana Bonouvrié-Smorenburg: “At Danone Nutricia Research we involve patients and their carers in the early stage of research & development. The CP Parents Group gives valuable insights in how parents deal with nutrition of their children on a daily basis. This helps us gaining ideas on how to support parents in their loving care and to ensure children with CP receive adequate nutrition, while improving the whole family’s quality of life. Our aim is to include such ideas in a potential new products, services or studies. At the same time, we noticed parents like to connect with other parents of children with CP and exchange experiences.”

About CP
CP is caused by damage to the brain during pregnancy, the birth process, or thereafter, in early life. It affects the part of the brain that controls movement, balance and posture. As a consequence, this hampers a child’s movement which may affect the ability to chew or swallow, thus increasing the child’s risk of becoming malnourished.

Contact CP Parent Group
If you know someone (or if you’re) interested in participating in the Cerebral Palsy Parent Group, please contact:
Ana Bonouvrié-Smorenburg, senior scientist at Danone Nutricia Research at or +31 (0)6 46 86 97 69.