Who We Are

Science and Technology at the heart of our innovation

At Danone Nutricia Research, science is at the very heart of our nutrition and health commitment. We are the global research and development organisation behind Specialized Nutrition, focused on Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition. Our efforts are directed toward the missions of these two divisions:

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition: Pioneering nutritional solutions that help people live longer, healthier lives.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition: We make every day count for you and your baby.

We have spent over 120 years pioneering nutritional solutions; our research and innovation continually evolves, building upon our insights into nutrients and their integral role in optimal health. We use these insights to tailor evidence-based nutritional solutions for infants, young children, pregnant women, patients and the elderly, supporting them throughout their lives.

120 years pioneering nutritional solutions.