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Danone Nutricia Research, Liverpool

For over 100 years, our Liverpool facility has been dedicated to the development and manufacture of medical nutrition products. Our work here involves developing and producing products from carefully controlled small-volume requirements to meet the needs of individual patients, through to bulk orders for global distribution.

Our location

Our Liverpool facility develops and manufactures medical nutrition for many types of patients, but particularly for those with Cow’s Milk Allergy as well as for patients with metabolic disorders at all stages of life. To ensure the quality and safety of that nutrition, a unique feature of the plant is that it is completely protein free, which is quite a challenge in the supply chain and control of the working environment.

A £5m upgrade in 2017 and 2018.

The site has 320 employees and is based within easy reach of Liverpool’s vibrant city centre, its four universities, healthcare infrastructure and two international airports. After a three-year improvement plan launched in 2010, a £5m investment has been made by Danone in order to upgrade, across 2017 and 2018, the hi-tech medical foods manufacturing facility. As worldwide product manufacture legislations are subject to change (e.g. most recently in China, Europe and Brazil), we are preparing to adapt our facilities to meet those changes.

Our Expertise

Access to the world-class technology facilities at the Utrecht Centre, the Netherlands, as well as our proximity to other factory and pharma institutions, are some of the keys to our success. We execute the development of new products, from concept to launch, by working closely with cross-functional teams such as Quality and Operations. Together with our R&I team in Utrecht, we are dedicated to creating and producing specialised nutrition products which can offer the opportunity of a better quality of life to our patients.

We recognise that our people are our greatest assets – without them, we would not be who we are today.

As a company, we are proud of our ability to design, develop and commercialise innovative technical solutions for new and existing products. It is only through the on-going commitment of our Product Development teams that we are able to develop globally compliant, clinically proven liquid and powdered nutritional products that address the very real needs of patients and consumers.

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Nutricia Liverpool
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