Strengthening partnerships with China on Human Milk Research

On May 16 we were very honoured to have prof. Cai from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University visiting Nutricia Research in Utrecht and giving a lecture about the health challenges in China today, with increase in the prevalence of preterm birth as well as the challenge on the double burden, both having increased rates of overweigh and obesity as well as facing malnutrition challenges and significant incidence of faltering growth in the age group below 5 years. One of the key priorities is to increase awareness about the importance of nutrition to prevent faltering growth.

Jiao Tong University has a close collaboration with Nutricia Research to exchange our knowledge and expertise on human milk research. One of the specific studies aims to understand the human milk oligosaccharide profile of milk from mothers living in mainland China. By collaborating with China, we strengthen our knowledge on human milk, in particular to assess the impact of geography and ethnicity on the composition of human milk oligosaccharides, being one of the major macronutrients in human milk and are expected to be responsible for at least some of the health benefits of breastfeeding.

Prof. Cai is head of the Shanghai Pediatric Research Institute, Director of the China Nutrition Society and Vice chairman of Shanghai Political Consultative Congress.