We firmly believe that there should be intensive collaboration between industry and academia. Both groups have an important role in the value chain that takes fundamental research and applies it in a way that has most relevance for society. We have many academic partners, including the Utrecht University and the Wageningen University & Research (Wageningen UR).

Academic Research

The collaboration between Nutricia Research and Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS), part of Utrecht University, The Netherlands, has led to a continuous stream of scientific articles and presentations at scientific conferences, as well as a professorship. Prof. dr. Johan Garssen is the Director of the Immunology Platform at Nutricia Research. He is responsible for all immunity research programmes, focusing on prevention and treatment of immune-mediated diseases, including allergy and inflammation, for our Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition divisions. Since May 2005, Prof. dr. Garssen has also directed the strategic alliance between Nutricia Research and the UIPS.

Nutricia Research also has a long-standing collaboration with Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands (Wageningen UR). This partnership is embodied by Prof. dr. Jan Knol, Director of the Gut Biology & Microbiology Platform at Nutricia Research. He is responsible for all gut and microbiology related research programmes focusing on nutrition and health.

In addition, since April 2012, Prof. dr. Knol occupies an endowed professorship for Intestinal Microbiology of Early Life, at the laboratory of Microbiology of Wageningen UR. His research focuses on the early colonisation of the intestinal tract of newborn infants and the link to potential health outcomes.