In our research and innovation projects, we work in closely with a global network of trusted partners. An important part of our partnering approach is to reach out to a wide range of people involved in health and nutrition.

Innovating through

From key opinion leaders in a specific field, to healthcare providers, suppliers, scientists, policy makers and many more, the strength of our network makes it possible for us to take concepts and translate them into products that suit patient and consumer needs.

During the various phases of development, we rely on specific types of collaborations. For example, early on we conduct pre-competitive research in open innovation programmes. In a later phase, we work with healthcare professionals to test nutritional products and set up interventions in clinical studies. We share our results with others through journal articles, presentations and other ways. This process builds scientific insights into our research-based products and helps to develop breakthrough concepts for the products of the future.

As an example, together with several industrial and academic partners, we are involved with the Top Institute Food and Nutrition to explore the connection of the composition of human microbiota with obesity. Another example is our collaboration with the French research institute INRA, where we collaborate to explore how early gut microbiome may predict immune related disease. We also collaborate with universities around the world, such as with Rush and Yale University in the USA. In addition, we run research programmes with different hospitals around the world.