Our commitments

Because we are active in the field of early life nutrition, we have a great responsibility towards our consumers. This is reflected in the way we work in our collaboration with partners, our open dialogue with the scientific and medical community, our dedication to breastfeeding support and human milk research, our commitment to quality and nutritional relevance, and our compliance with national and international regulations.

We acknowledge the importance of the WHO’s Code of marketing of breast-milk substitutes. We support the recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life and continued breastfeeding along with the introduction of safe and appropriate complementary foods thereafter. This commitment to breastfeeding is reflected in our dedication to human milk research, in the way we perform our clinical studies, and in how we communicate about our research to healthcare professionals – supporting objective advice to parents.

We operate within a strong worldwide network of global and local preclinical and clinical partners, all key experts in their field. This includes research institutes, universities, academic hospitals and industrial suppliers. In this way, innovation through quality, exclusivity and momentum is guaranteed. We continuously seek to expand and strengthen this network. We also have established Scientific Advisory Boards in Europe and Asia, to connect to experts and evaluate our R&D programs together. This is to ensure that our innovations capture the latest science, are clinically relevant and fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals as well as consumers.

To ensure an active and open dialogue with scientific and medical communities, we publish our work in peer-reviewed scientific journals and present at international conferences. In addition, we regularly invite healthcare professionals, health policy makers and scientific experts to our research facilities to share and discuss the research behind our products.

We recognize that our consumers are vulnerable. That is why we are committed to delivering excellent quality to all mothers and children who trust and rely on our products and services. Every employee applies strict international quality standards throughout our innovation process: from ideation, research activities and ingredient selection to the way our foods are manufactured, packaged and stored. With no tolerance for errors, from laboratory to factory, from farm to fork, from concept to consumption.

To provide every child with optimal nutrition, we have developed advanced nutritional standards –for each development stage. These internal standards are based on the latest science and are stricter than required by legislation. We have set limits for e.g. sugar, salt and energy content of our products, to help build healthy habits and achieve a healthy body weight. We continuously aim to improve the nutritional composition of our products. For a better understanding of local nutritional needs as well as local feeding/food practices of infants, young children, pregnant and lactating women, we conduct dietary and health surveys in countries. We then use the survey data to tailor the nutritional composition of our products to meet the local needs.