care and disease

One of our main research areas is dietary interventions for the elderly and adults with disease-related health issues. This broad area encompasses programs to develop advanced (medical) nutrition for adults at risk of frailty, Alzheimer’s disease and disease-related undernutrition. Additionally, we are exploring the benefits of nutrition in the area of active ageing.

22,8%: The prevalence of malnutrition in the elderly has been estimated at 22,8% with 46,2% at risk of malnutrition (Kaiser et al.).

We have identified several conditions and diseases which result in patients having specific nutritionals. Therefore, nutrition can have added value as part of the treatment of these age-related diseases. With the increasing life-expectancy in many countries, conditions associated with ageing such as physical frailty and dementia affect a growing number of people. Our research focuses on developing and testing nutritional concepts that promote both physical and mental health.